Tidal Bay - Nova Scotia's Premier White Wine

Pairs well with seafood and ocean views.

Launching June 11, 2012

There’s no other growing region like Nova Scotia, and no wine appellation like Tidal Bay.

A wine with unique character, Tidal Bay brilliantly reflects the terroir, coastal breezes and cooler climate of its birthplace. World-class craftsmanship brings a distinctive brightness and nose that’s fresh yet complex. The palate is dryishly crisp, with a full body that lingers in every sip.

Tidal Bay is crafted from carefully selected grapes and produced exclusively by these wineries:

Annapolis Highlands Vineyards Avondale Sky Benjamin Bridge Blomidon Estate Winery Domaine de Grand Pré Gaspereau Vineyards Jost Vineyards Luckett Vineyards Petite Riviere Vineyards Sainte-Famille Wines